Put Gratitude in Your Attitude

Put Gratitude in Your Attitude


Habits of a Successful Career

Habit #5 – Put Some Gratitude in Your Attitude

Successful people are consistently enthusiastic and energetic, and their attitude is contagious.  Others seek out, and want to work with people with this attitude. Pessimistic people can drain the entire energy out of a team or organization.  Pick the people you are close with cautiously, and cultivate others showing gratitude in their attitude as team members, colleagues, mentors, coaches, etc.

People with this attitude also look at the ‘glass as half full’, and have what Stephen Covey called an ‘abundance mentality’.  Some companies, like Southwest Airlines, boast that they ‘hire for attitude and train for skills’.

Remember no matter how much success a person achieves: (1) never take yourself too seriously; (2) be a team player; (3) have fun; and (4) celebrate other’s successes.