Successful Career

Successful Career

                    Habits for a Successful Career-Part 3  


In Part 2 of Habits for a Successful Career discussed the Habit #1 for a Successful Career  – Define Success . . . . For YOU!

Defining YOUR success requires a vision and definition for Life and Career success values.  One without the other rarely works well, and Life Success Values is a prerequisite for sustained, Career Success.  Life Success Values are grouped in three categories: Healthy Self, Social Self, and Spiritual Self. We discussed how to identify your top 15-20 values across these three components, and prioritize the values.  The last  step was to score your success/fulfillment for each value.  Example Life Values/Scorecard can be found on Palomino’s web site at:

To complete the Habit #1, we need: (1) finish  painting a vision and defining success for Career Success Values, (2) to build a map of 2 and 5 year goals aligned with the Life and Career Success Values, and (3) prioritize each goal.  These Career Success Values consistent of the several categories:

  • Achievement
  • Balance with Life Success Values
  • Work Environment and Culture
  • Advancement and Growth
  • Work Relationships
  • Compensation and Security

As with the Life Success Values, identify your top 15-20 career values across the above categories, and prioritize the values at the present time.  Last step is to score your success/fulfillment for each value.  An example Career Values and Scorecard can be found on Palomino’s web site at:

That completes Defining Success for YOU.  In the pursuit of fulfilling, consecutive, progressive achievements,  a successful career, we need a map of prioritized goals of how to get there.  For example, if one of your important career values is rapid advancement, then a set of your high priority goals may include:

  1. Complete project management training in 12 months.
  2. Complete and achieve PMP certification 18 months.
  3. Network to get assigned to at least 3 achievable, visible projects and opportunities over 24 months.
  4. Build network of 12 top performing peers in 24 months.
  5. Build a network of 6 company leaders/mentors in 18 months.

It is important that your goals can stand up to the ‘SMART WIN’ test.  See if the above goals are:

  • S pecific
  • M easureable
  • A chievable
  • R ealistic
  • T imely
  • W ritten
  •  I mportant, Not Urgent
  • N ear Term

Next we will discuss Habit #2 – Be Proactive and Adapt to Change.